I’m a physics graduate student with more interests than time and the confluence of these facts leads me to frequently start things without finishing them. This site is a place to put side projects so that maybe I’ll be more motivated to polish my work. Nothing is off-limits for the content here; I plan to post essays, physics problems, poems, board game designs, etc.

While any Redditor worth her Internet connection could probably figure out who I am in five minutes, I ask that those who know me in person don’t identify me by my meatspace name. The less risk there is that anyone can find this blog by Googling me, the less compelled I’ll be to censor myself for the benefit of students, potential employers, and other unforeseen people of concern.

Likewise, I will refer to people I know by code names of my own choosing, at least when any personal details are included. If you see that you’re being referred to by a code name and want to be publicly identified, I’ll gladly edit my posts. I’ll also make reasonable accommodations if you want any stories about you removed from the site. Requests to get switched to a new code name will most likely not be entertained, but you’re welcome to try. Exceptions to this rule will be made when I want to allocate credit for factual observations and in other special circumstances where using someone’s name seems important for some reason.

My e-mail username is just my name (e.g., as I sign this page), with the domain name of this web site. The weird description is an attempt to avoid spambots.

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April 19, 2014


The escutcheon of the Journeyman’s Retort