Other blogs

This is a list of other blogs I enjoy, organized thematically. An asterisk indicates that I don’t follow it as consistently as the others.

Rationalist and adjacent community

Slate Star Codex (Scott Alexander)
Thing of Things (Ozy Frantz)
Unequally Yoked (Leah Libresco)
The Unit of Caring*
Nothing is Mere (Rob Bensinger)


Backreaction (Sabine Hossenfelder)
Of Particular Significance (Matt Strassler)*
Gravity and Levity*


Captain Awkward
The Bad Advisor

Elder Scrolls*

Reddit TES Lore
Lady Nerevar
Michael Kirkbride

Web comics

XKCD (Randall Munroe)
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (Zach Weinersmith)
Abstruse Goose
Rice Boy*

Video game criticism

Tevis Thompson
Falling Awkwardly (Kateri)

Physics blogs that I don’t really follow, but know or suspect to be good:

Preposterous Universe (Sean Carroll)
Quantum Diaries
Physics for my mom
Not Even Wrong (Peter Woit)